Like Hallmark is for Gold, Naturalmark is for natural diamonds and Labgrownmark is for Lab Grown diamonds.

Naturalmark is a pioneer organization in standardizing the screening and testing of CVD, HPHT TREATED NATURAL DIAMONDS, MOISSANITE, CZ AND OTHER LAB GROWN DIAMONDS and seperating from NATURAL DIAMONDS and Diamond Jewellery . After screening, we provide sealing of loose diamonds in non tearable bags and tagging of Diamond Jewellery.

Why Choose Naturalmark ?

Latest Technology and experienced gemologist – Naturalmark uses latest technology to Detect labgrown diamonds and synthetic stones. Each diamond will be tested under the supervision of experienced and trained gemologists.
Safe and Secure – We seal loose diamonds in a non tearable bag.
The tagging system – Naturalmark tags tied on Jewellery makes it easy for customers to identify that jewellery has been screened or tested.
Cost Effective – Sealing and Tagging of diamonds and diamond Jewellery is very reasonable.
Mobile Lab service  – Naturalmark provides screening services at a customer’s door step. 

Naturalmark is considered a mark of authenticity that diamonds used are natural and not lab grown. Naturalmark is conceptualised to create a unique identity for Natural diamonds. Naturalmark strives towards making every piece of diamond available after being tested and verified, a small step towards helping secure the future of natural diamonds.

To help eradicate adulteration in the diamond industry, Naturalmark introduces LABGROWNMARK to safeguard the labgrown industry and believes that labgrown diamonds grading charges should be around 2 to 5% of the price. LABGROWNMARK has begun grading of labgrown diamonds using latest technology, trained gemologists, quick service and at much cheaper rates.
One can book a slot for testing and grading on the toll free no. 9377150044  and the mobile facility will be made available at their door steps

Natural Diamond Jewellery Grading Certificate Sample

Labgrown Diamond Jewellery Grading certificate Sample

Back Side of Labgrownmark Grading Certificate 


We believe that a customer’s trust is the responsibility of every business which can remain unharmed by following responsible business practises.
At naturalmark, we believe that this can be achieved by involving the whole diamond jewellery industry and working together towards a common goal and establishing a common system that will be adopted by all so as to reduce or completely eradicate any malpractice in the natural diamond business. This will reinstate the customers trust in diamonds globally. Our affiliates are helping to transform supply chains to be more responsible and sustainable – catalysing partnerships, and securing a future that can be treasured for generations to come.


Naturalmark : Reason for its Inception

Traditionally, it was a trend for customers to have specific jewellers from whom they use to buy diamonds and Jewellery. Trust prevailed then and there wasn’t any need to verify. Gradually Lab grown diamonds entered the market. It was fine until separate jewellery was made and sold as Lab Grown Diamond Jewellery. But later, some miscreants started mixing them along with natural diamonds. These lab grown pieces are so identical, that neither a human eye, a loupe nor a microscope could detect it. The Customers trusted the jewellers but couldn’t deny the fact that any mistake can lead to losses so they started demanding tested and verified diamonds. However, the jewellery sector lacked a trustworthy verification process and thus the trust couldn’t be revived completely.

The founder members Mr. Gourav Sethi and Mrs Swati Sethi conducted an in-depth survey and concluded that the discrepancies in this trade can be eliminated by following a standard practice and a common system of tagging and sealing under the name ‘Naturalmark”, all jewellery and diamonds that come for testing at any testing centre in the country. Mr. Gourav Sethi, who has an experience of more than 15 years in this trade, suggested this system called ‘Naturalmark’ just like hallmark. He suggests that just as the whole country follows the system of ‘Hallmarking’ for Gold, we can have the same system as ‘Naturalmarking’ for Natural Diamonds. This will result in segregation of Natural Diamond dealers from Lab Grown Diamond Dealers and any miscrepancy can be sorted at the testing centres. It will be easier for the people to follow a common system and see a naturalmark tag and seal on every purchase they make.

Labgrownmark : Reason for its inception

Naturalmark which started with a mission to combat undisclosed labgrown diamonds, has recently come across a new problem where lab grown diamond exporters faced similar issues of mixing  HPHT and Moissanite with CVD diamonds.

When Labgrown exporters approached Naturalmark for the testing of labgrown diamonds to prevent mixing, Naturalmark decided not to restrict to separating Labgrown from natural diamonds but also help prevent mixing of various labgrown diamonds . Naturalmark has begun screening and grading of labgrown diamonds under the banner “labgrownmark“.

About Founders

Gourav Sethi, founder of naturalmark is into the business of natural loose diamond trading and Jewellery Manufacturing and has experience of over 16 years. As an entrepreneur who has dedicated himself to both personal and professional growth, his company has evolved immensely in these 16 years and much credit goes not only to his knowledge, tremendous sales process and leadership skills and but also to the innovative ideas that keeps generating from his brain factory.
He is a board member of Surat Diamond Association since 9 years and served as a joint secretary for two years. The idea of conducting a loose diamond exhibition in Surat was his brain child and he successfully organized the exhibition ‘Carats’ Loose Diamond Expo for SDA as Exhibition Convenor for two consecutive years.
Yet another feat was a wall clock designed by him that explains colour gradation concept in a natural diamond in such a way that even a layman can understand it very easily. That’s why it is being used by many institutes like IGI that conducts diamond courses. For more details, visit the “Innovations’ section of the website.

While every idea generated has one thing in common’ doing good work that is beneficial for everybody’ , here is the latest idea of ‘ Naturalmark’ , which again is for the benefit of natural diamond industry as a whole. One more achievement added is in the form of LABGROWNMARK, which is for the benefit of LAB GROWN DIAMOND industry.

Naturalmark Certified Stores

All jewellers dealing exclusively in natural diamonds can approach Naturalmark for becoming a 100% naturalmark certified store. Naturalmark will ensure that each and every diamond jewellery piece in the store has been tested and verified and is in accordance with the naturalmark standards which will instill a sense of confidence in the end consumers. Naturalmarked diamond jewellery gets sold faster as the trust is there.

Naturalmark is a recognized startup. Naturalmark is highly appreciated in the gem and jewellery industry for its innovative idea – Like hallmark is for Gold, Naturalmark is for natural diamonds and are pioneers in their method of tagging jewellery and known for streamlining the whole process of screening.