The Fraternity

As members of same trade, each one of us has played a key role in making India, the largest manufacturer of Natural Diamonds. We are a team who constantly works towards betterment of entire diamond industry. Here is yet another situation faced by every person in the business of natural diamonds-i.e. mixing of synthetic diamonds with natural diamonds. Many of the natural diamond businesses have shifted entirely or in part towards manufacturing of synthetic diamonds themselves. Result is a shaken trust, a betrayed customer and a tarnished image.

But every problem has a solution. Let each one of us adopt a common symbol ‘Naturalmark’ for every natural diamond or diamond jewellery tested. Let’s develop an easy but dependable system for customers.

Naturalmark’ invites all gem and jewellery trade organisations, natural diamond manufacturers, traders and brokers to join hands in this movement which will help segregate synthetic diamonds from the natural diamonds through a collaborative approach and a system which includes standard practises that are relevant for the entire Jewellery supply chain.

Jewellery Designers