Labgrownmark (an initiative of Naturalmark) becomes world’s First Lab to inscribe the origin of Labgrown Diamonds and begins inscription in Upside down position

Naturalmark which began its journey in October 2020 and offered retailers low cost screening and inscription using a model based on Gold Hallmarking, introduced Labgrownmark with same facilities for Labgrown Diamonds too.

In line with the hallmark pattern on Gold and to make it more cost effective, Labgrownmark has begun inscribing Origin on the girdle of Labgrown Diamonds. i.e. All Labgrownmark diamonds have inscription that can be read when the Diamond Table is up and culet is in down position. Furthermore, to differentiate between natural and labgrown diamonds, while the Naturalmark Diamonds are inscribed in straight form, Labgrownmark Diamonds are inscribed in Upside Down form.

Surat based Enterpreneur, and founder of Naturalmark and Labgrownmark, Mr. Gourav Sethi and Ms Swati, stated that heavy grading charges levied by some renowned labs , claimed on grounds of accuracy and precision are not feasible for labgrown diamonds. Several Labgrown Diamond Jewellery manufacturers are buying Non Certified Solitaires to avoid heavy grading charges and get ‘LAB GROWN’ inscribed on the girdle. For such jewellers, LABGROWNMARK is serving the dual purpose of screening and inscribing origin in upside down position at a considerably low price.

Mr. Sethi stated that like other types of stones (for e.g. cubic zircon), Labgrown diamonds will also be produced soon with only white D-F and VVS- VS color and clarity respectively, so grading will not be required. The pricing would, therefore, be solely dependent on the origin of Labgrown Diamonds i.e. whether it is CVD or HPHT.