Our Services

Grading Natural Diamonds

In a small span of time Naturalmark has carved its own niche and is providing exceptional services in grading earth mined diamonds, finished jewellery, lab growns and colored gemstones. 

Grading Natural diamonds : 

Each piece of diamond whether loose or studded in jewellery is checked thoroughly in multiple machines to ensure that even a treated piece cannot pass without being detected. We have our own loose diamond master stones and studded master stones set to ascertain the color and clarity of the piece submitted.

Grading Labgrown Diamonds

Grading Labgrown Diamonds :

Apart from CVD and HPHT labgrown diamonds, several growers are manufacturing diamonds with minor changes that cannot be easily detected but at Naturalmark, we have the technology that can detect such pieces. 


Naturalmark Lab offers Screening and detection services by trained gemologists and experienced professionals in a Lab with State of the art facilities. Every diamond whether it is Naturally mined, Labgrown or Simulant origin can be detected with accuracy at our Lab. The screening service is also provided for fancy colored diamonds as well as mounted Jewellery.

Sealing & Tagging

After screening, natural diamonds are kept in the same packet brought for analysis and those that are not natural are kept seperately in another packet mentioning the type of stone found and now both these packets are sealed in one tamper proof bag ensuring that the screening and seggregation has been done properly. Every piece of jewellery screened at naturalmark will also have a Naturalmark tag attached to it only if it is found to contain only natural diamonds.

Re Verification of other lab certified diamonds

Laser inscribed certified diamonds are being chosen by miscreants to exchange natural piece with lab grown or natural treated diamonds with same parameters. Naturalmark is providing most advanced technology, fast and secure method of reverification.

Laser Inscription

Naturalmark is a pioneer in upside down inscription in labgrowns under the banner of labgrownmark.Once the diamond is studded, LG gets hidden and few digits of certificate number are visible and it is difficult to assess whether its a natural or labgrown diamond. In order to solve this problem, Naturalmark came up with the idea of upside down inscription. So when inscription is straight, its a natural diamond but if it is upside down, the studded diamond is a labgrown.

Microscopic Assortment

Accurate assortment for IF and VVS quality in a 10X tripod is dificult, so we have trained 35X microscopic assorters to assort even -000 sieve size for precisely IF, VVS1 or VVS2 quality.

Rough Screening

Even experienced diamond manufacturers take our help to ascertain whether the rough stone is a Natural diamond or Labgrown diamond or Moissanite .
Many a times Natural rough diamond has been colour treated which can be detected by screening/FTIR/ Raman spectroscopy machines only.